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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Real Adventure Woman

This is a photo of a real adventure woman and an adventure woman "wannabe". I don't think that I have to designate who is who. Gwen is 72 years old and she rides her bicycle to church. She takes a change of clothes along with her Bible in her backpack. I am not sure of the distance, but it takes her 50 minutes to get there. It is up and down big hills in Colorado. Gwen began riding her bike when she was in her early 50's. She lived in Albuquerque and was a nurse practitioner. She rode her bike 20 miles one way to work. One day she was hit by a motorist. From the police report, they feel like the motorists hit Gwen on purpose. She suffered broken bones, a concussion, and other injuries. But that did not stop her. As soon as she recuperated she was back on the saddle. She was a little sore after our hike to Agnes Vaille, and I had to laugh when she said that she saw she needed to add hiking to her regiment. She and her husband take note each day of their weight, bp, oxygen level, and fat percentage. She is strict with her diet because the least amount of weight gain will slow her down when she competes in the senior bike rides that she attends about 10 times a year. She is amazing! Now you see why I am a "wannabe."


Jen said...

20 miles one way to that IS adventure!!!!

How wonderful! I want to be like that too!!

Min said...

What an inspiration! You, also, sound more active than lots of other 50-somethings I know! Staying active seems to be a big part of the battle.

Just for you, I baked a batch of healthier, low-fat Aussie Bites! You should try them! (and be sure to let me know what you think)