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Monday, July 7, 2008

Over the Weekend- Part 3

When I left the riverbank and started back to the cabin, I was able to see a deer run ahead of me and into the forest to hide itself. That afternoon I picked up my mother. We headed back to our hunting cabin with great anticipation of the fish fry we would have. My husband is the very best fish fryer in the whole wide world. Now I usually don't play games, but I got my mother to bring her Mexican-train dominoes, and we played and played and played. She had such a good time, and we shared a wonderful memory together. I have been praying for me to seize the day and enjoy each day with my mother because I don't know how many days we have left. So I took my mother home and spent the night at my house. That next day I had my agenda planned. Do you make out your list and have your day all mapped out with a plan? The plan was to maybe go for a swim at a friend's house, go to Academy, and go to Walmart and Sams. As I was driving into town, I thought of one of my friends because I was coming up to where I could look down her street from the loop. I was thinking about her and wondering when we would get together again. As I passed by where her street is, I could see firetrucks. I came up to the intersection where I needed to turn left. I proceeded to stop at the light still in the left lane slowly processing what my eyes had just seen. Then I said to myself that I needed to check this out. I pulled over in a parking lot and I could walk to her backyard. As I parked, I could plainly see that yes, it was her house, there were busted out windows with charred brick. I rushed to the front of the yard until I found my friend. This was my first experience to be with someone right after a fire. I have to describe it as being with someone right after a death. The people involved cannot really get a grasp over what has just happened and cannot speak or think with any clarity. I was able to borrow a phone ( I left mine at home) and call some more of our friends. We spent the day with my friend and helped where we could. During the course of the day she became much more calm and decisive and more clear headed. And she had tears of joy and was thanking God because she and her son and her faithful four-legged companion made it out of the burning house. How life can change so quickly. And in this time you see what is most important and what is lasting. How God continues to teach me to store up my treasures above and not here on earth. Another spiritual lesson for me over the weekend.... and I haven't even made it to church yet. Sunday was a great day to be in the house of the Lord. This is the daythat the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad therein!!!!!

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