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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 7- July 16- Headed to Albuquerque

Wednesday morning involved getting up and heading to Albuquerque. When I woke up my eyes were really bothering me. I have been plaqued in the past with corneal ulcers. There is nothing more painful in the whole wide world (even giving birth). So I wore my glasses and did not go for the early morning walk with Patty. We made few stops on our way to Al. This was not to be a tourist spot, but a means to get to Carlsbad. We stayed with Patty's Aunt Karin and Uncle Burl. What a treat to see some of the talents of Karin. She and Burl lived in the Middle East, and while she was there she bought beads, some that were over 500 years old. She made the most beautiful necklaces with them. Some weighed about 5 lbs. And Karin did this wonderful creative stitchery. I have never seen anything like it. Also, Karin collected rugs- they were on the floor, the table, the bed and the walls. Her eclectic decorating was candy to my eyes. She also prepared a wonderful meal for us, and we had champayne, special red wine, and candlelight. Her sons were there with their wife and gf. We had wonderful conversation and the hospitality was so appreciated.

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