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Monday, July 7, 2008

Over the Weekend -Part I

I decided to divide this into parts since this weekend held so much for me. Not just in my exercising, but in the very core of my being. As I stated previously, Thursday was a busy active day beginning with my spinning class, and then two hours of kayaking. I ended the day by taking the two mile bike ride to the river from our hunting cabin. The next morning on the 4th, I again took my bike early when the there was still dew on the ground and a coolness in the air. As I rode my bike where trucks and 4-wheelers have marked the trail, there was such a peacefulness and quietness as I rode along. It was not a difficult ride so I was not hearing the sound of my breathing. It was so amusing to watch a bunny rabbit run ahead of me on the trail. And as I went along I even saw a raccoon trying to scurry up a tree and then fall to the ground in hopes of getting away from this two-wheeled monstrocity. I also heard some rustling in the grass to see an amarillo poking around. My hollering at him did not even phase him. And then I got to the riverbank.........

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