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Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Introduction in Kayaking

Well my introduction into kayaking was a positive one. We went to Ratcliff Lake located in the middle of the Davy Crockett National Forest. We arrived fairly soon after the park opened because we did not know if there would be others renting kayaks. We wanted to be assured of getting one since we had driven about 21 miles to get there (gasoline!!). We decided to try each type- one was the sit on top of which I paddled first. The other was the sit inside of which J paddled. After an hour, we swapped out. Initially when I was on the sit on top, I found myself really tightening my core to feel balanced. I just kept feeling like I was going to tump over. After time I was used to it, and could relax a bit. Then when I got in the other kayak, it was much easier to relax. We both agreed that we liked the sit inside of better. Yes, the first one would give us a better workout, but we have to want to do it too. I don't know if J and I will each buy a kayak. Right now they have them on sale at Academy. I know this would not be a quality kayak, but it might be just right for me at this time. I would not be out too much money and then I would know how much time I planned to devote to it. One of our work associates lives almost right in the middle of the DCNF. She called us to come over, and we had a delicious lunch with her. What a great day we had!!

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