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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 1- July 10- The Adventure Begins

Glen drove me to Patty's apartment and we loaded our bikes along with all our bags. We stopped frequently to take a bathroom break as we traveled. We snacked at lunch. We stayed the first night at La Quinta. We had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. The play called "Texas" did not start until 8:30 p.m. The costumes, the singing, the dancing, the acting was good, but I must make special comment about the magnificent setting of the play. This was performed right down in the bottom of the canyon. While the actors were on the stage area we would occasionally see a rider on horseback dart from one side to the other. And I don't mean that he trotted or sauntered. This was a full gallop in darkness except for a spotlight shining on them. At one time one of the riders on horseback went by with an American flag waving in the wind. Talk about giving you chills up your spine!! Truly breathtaking. They also had a staged fire out from the stage- that was really neat. We were really entertained and enjoyed this presentation very much. If you go to Amarillo, be sure and make plans to go to Palo Duro Canyon and see the play called "Texas".

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Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Dee: My son may have directed you to a parking place at TEXAS. He is one of the "Hospitality Wranglers" this summer. It's a great show this year. We went a couple of weeks ago. Over 600 of us from our church attended on Sunday, July 5. It was great.