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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 4- July 13- Mt. Princeton

Today started with an early morning walk. I love these early morning temperatures in Colorado- in the upper 40's today. Patty and I walked for about an hour. Would you believe that Gwen and Steve rode their bikes to Sunday school? It takes them almost an hour to get there by bike. Gwen is 72!!! And she has also been injured years ago by a vehicle that hit her while she was commuting to work 20 miles away. This woman is my idol!! Patty and I met them at church (by car). They had a guest singer named Sandra Dee who is a country western Christian singer along with her husband Charlie. After a quick salad lunch, we headed up to Mount Princeton 4-wheeling it. This does not mean on a four wheeler as we know it, but in a vehicle with four wheel drive. Gwen has a Toyota FJ Cruiser, and she is an expert driver. I could not look as we were climbing this mountain. There were some places where there was no guard rail. Gwen said she would never climb that mountain again without thinking of me. Young Life's Frontier Camp is on this mountain. At several thousand feet is a little cabin called the Chalet. This little building is used for whomever needs it. The sign on the door said to leave something that could be useful- a canned good, matches, etc. We traveled very far up this mountain, and only hiked it a short distance. We were at 11, 400 feet. When I was in the mountains last fall, I was told that drinking lots of water and taking a baby aspirin to thin my blood would help with the altitude. I have been doing both. The altitude of course gets me out of breath, but I have had no ill effects like dizzyness, nausea, etc. Coming down the mountain was just about as scarry as going up it. I would look out occasionally, but I had to do it in minute amounts. What a view I got! I am certainly seeing some beautiful scenery, and Gwen is the perfect guide!

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