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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, I feel like I am slacking. I am letting my loss of energy and my schedule dictate my workouts instead of staying on track. Monday I had so much to do at home after being gone that I skipped my FF. Tuesday, I did go to my spinning class, and I had a most difficult time. I had to sit on the bike the last third of the class. Getting off the saddle was just getting my heart rate up too high, and since I had to go to work afterward, I needed my energy. Yesterday I did make it to FF. This morning my daughter is here from out of town. I could have gone to my class and been back home before she ever got out of bed, but did I do that? No!!!!!!!!!
So... yes... I am definitely being a slacker. And what did I do yesterday? ..... I ate out 3 times yesterday. And you know what that meant. High fat, high salt, too many calories. So today, it is back on track for me. This lifestyle of healthy eating is definitely not automatic. It is a focused life of keeping your eye on the goal. And what is the goal? Well, of course always to lose weight. But most important... keeping the bad stuff out and supplying your body with nourishment, not just good taste. My friend had me take Dr. Oz's age test that was talked about on Oprah. I thought that I would score well. When I finished, it told me that I had health issues. What? You gotta be kidding? It did not give me an exact score, but it said I was between a 70 and a 79. Who wants a "C" or to be barely passing? Ugh! I won't let this discourage me. It is just another reality check. Today is a brand new day. And a day to begin it right!

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Jen said...

You are right. Today is a new day! We all have times where we slack or get off track, but that is ok - it is normal. What matters most is that you recognize where you have slipped and you get back on track!

I love the start of a new day. What will happen for the day? What blessings will God give us? What great things will we accomplish? It is a blank slate for us to write on!!

Let's go out there and make the most of this glorious day that God has blessed us with!

Just take it meal by meal, workout by workout, pound by pound!!!

Oh I see you are on spark now...yea!! Thanks for the add! I have added you as well and also posted your blog on my main jensjourney page so that I can keep in touch!

Blessings and hugs from Russia!!