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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I thought that I wanted a canoe, but now I am thinking that I want a kayak. Tomorrow I am going to Ratcliff Lake to rent a kayak and try it out. I will try the one where you sit on top of the kayak, and one where you sit inside of the kayak. I hope they still have some to rent when "J" and I get there. We are both excited to try it. Tuesday I skipped spinning and went to swim. I also got a lesson from my boss's son on flip-turns, and butterfly stroke and breast stroke. Little Mr. G is only 8, but he knows his swimming. I do so hope I can become a better swimmer. Tuesday afternoon I went with Mr. L on a long bike ride. I took my new bike and we rode for 25 miles. My hands were very sore when I completed my ride. I had forgotten my gloves, so I hope to not make that mistake again. Today was FF and we did a series of core exercises. I am still finding it so difficult to do planks on that darn Swiss ball. I guess my abs are just still too weak. You would think after 6 months that I would be stronger. Ugh!! Oh well, maybe I am stronger than I think. I sure don't plan on giving up though. Tomorrow after our kayak ride, I hope to do a short bike ride from our cabin to the Neches River. Being outdoors in July in the Texas heat can sure get to you sometimes. It is so important to drink water water water!!! Oh yeah.... I forgot that I plan to go to spinning class at 6:00 a.m. Hmmm.... I better get my bath and get in bed! Good night!


jana said...

I am excited about our trip. Look out world here comes D&J in kayaks!
Never know what adventure will be next.

Tish said...

Is there going to be video of this? I think it could be pretty entertaining! LOL!! You go girls! I dont do kayaks, but I'll try canoeing again. I did enjoy that!

Dee said...

No video, but we did get a photo sceduled to be posted soon.