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Friday, May 30, 2008

Being Full of Pride

I am learning so much in the latest Bible study I am doing. The study is on the book of Daniel. The lesson I began today is about Nebuchadnezzar and his downfall. The author of this study, Beth Moore, speaks about pride. I am quoting some of what she says- "some egos are swollen over what they do. Other egos are swollen over what they don't. Most of us are tempted by one of the traps more than the other. Whether or not you fall into the pride trap, just between you and God, which is your bigger temptation: what you do (performance) or what you don't (abstinence)? " Hmmm.... I know that I am guilty of both at different times. But I do hope that when I post on this blog that I am not giving that impression because I am not meaning to brag or say "look at me, how good I am because I do _____ and look at me how wonderful I am because I don't do_____" I am happy when I can perform and I am happy when I can abstain, but I sure don't want to be prideful with it. Anway... I just thought I would share this lesson of pride with you. Can you identify and which one is the bigger snare for you?

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