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Monday, May 19, 2008

Dale as Buck

Okay, another Dale fan sent this to me, and I just had to add it. I got the series the Magnificent Seven from This western series only made it two seasons, but it had 7 men who shared the starring roles. Their characters all have distinct personalities, and they have been fun to watch. I guess when you get older, your interests change because ten years ago when this was on television, not only did I not watch much TV, but I also did not like westerns. Anyway... this is Buck.

1 comment:

Darien said...

It is odd, eh? I watched Mag 7 when it first aired, but Buck didn't really catch my eye (I must have been blind!)

However, when I watched a friend's DVD, Buck had me at the opening credits, looking up from under his hat brim with that sweet smile on his face. *sigh* Needless, to say, I bought both seasons and have become a massive Mag 7 fan.