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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Three of Us-Together Again

The three of us were together again. This photo was taken over thirty years ago when we were in Acapulco as single young women. Can you find me? I posted this photo because I don't have one yet from this weekend. (Remember my camera is broken) But once again we were able to reunite on the beach- this time it was Crystal Beach on the Texas gulf. Years ago we not only went to Acapulco, but also to Puerto Vallerta. This was before husbands and kids. We all still have the original husbands- 30 years, 28 years, and 28 years. We have six children among the three of us, and we almost have them all grown. We just picked up like we always do with sunning, laughing, and game-playing. We had almost as much enthusiasm and energy as the two teenage girls with us (my friend's daughter and her friend) as we attended the 2008 crab festival. We watched the weiner dog races; rode the Tilt-A-Whirl, laughing until our sides hurt; ate curly fries, fried boudin, and shrimp on a stick; used the port-a-potties; and line danced to at least three different bands playing. Let me just say- we are not wild, we are pretty tame, but we definitely know how to enjoy a festival and have fun!! What memories we continue to make!!

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