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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Being hydrated

Today when I got up, my mouth was really dry. I am assuming that all the outside activity and the sweating I did over the weekend caused me some dehydration. So today before I ever made it to my spinning class, I decided to really hydrate myself. I drank a full bottle of water, and then during my workout, I drank another bottle of water. Being hydrated before I began my exercise really helped me in my workout. I could really keep up much better, and I think it was because I drank that water before I began. I just don't naturally love to drink water. I must continue to make myself drink the right amount everyday. I will continue to work on being hydrated.

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vlad said...

Yearround I add two teaspoons Morton LiteSalt to one gallon drinking water (filtered through my Berkfeld).

page 118 Let's Eat Right by Adelle Davis
quote "Under normal circumstances, a healthy person runs little risk of deficiencies of sodium and chlorine. In extremely hot weather, however, so much salt can be lost through perspiration that death may occur.
Death from salt deficiency occured during the construction of Boulder Dam and similiar projects. During the blistering summer of 1933 I corresponded with an engineer who was working on Parker Dam. Each letter contained some such note as, "We had a wonderful cook but he died yesterday of sunstroke." The symptoms of sunstroke are now recognized as caused largely by loss of salt through perspiration.
A lack of salt causes symptoms varying in severity from mild lassitude, weariness, or hot-weather fatigue, common during heat waves, to heat cramp, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, familiar to those who work in iron foundries, furnace or boiler rooms, and industrial plants such as steel or paper mills. Even persons who play tennis or take similar exercise during hot weather may suffer from heat stroke.
Persons working in extremely hot weather are often advised to take a salt tablet with each drink of water.unquote
page 187 quote there are three nutrients - potassium, sodium and chlorine which we need in quite large amounts. Sodium and chlorine are supplied by tablet salt." unquote
p273 "Let's eat right" by Adelle Davis quote "People who salt food lightly should add 3,000 mg sodium to a day's dietary, and those who enjoy well salted food 7,000 mg. Normally, the intake of potassium should be approximately the same as that of sodium, and calcium intake should be 2/3 that of phosphoros."unquote

Morton LiteSalt 11 oz about 99c or 1.5 cents per teaspoon
1 oz = 6 teaspooons
11 oz = 66 teaspoons= 76,560 mg sodium, and 89,760 mg potassium

2 teaspoons litesalt (costs 3 cents) per gallon comes to 1/4 teaspoon per 8 oz

1/4 teaspoon LiteSalt
290 mg sodium
340 mg potassium
40% iodine

Gatorade and similar "sport"drinks is a rather expensive way to replace sodium and potassium

Gatorade per 8oz serving
total fat.....................0 grams
sodium .................110 mg
potassium................30 mg
total carb.................14 grams
sugars.....................14 grams
protein .....................0 grams