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Friday, May 23, 2008

New Trainer

We have a new trainer on Fridays for our FF class. His name is Clint. He did a fantastic job today. We thought there was only going to be two in the class, but three more joined us that were running late. We did 5 stations of circuit training mainly working on our chest. I began my workout before the class started with an incline walk for 15 minutes. By the time class started, I was already sweating. By the time class was over, I was again... red-faced and my hair was dripping wet. Clint gave us a great workout! Yesterday I got to spin class early- remember I had to get on "my" bike. It was hard since it had been an entire week since I had been to spin class.
Today I am headed to the lake, and I am taking my bicycle with me. I hope to once again explore some of those country roads. With the gasoline prices the way they are, and since I live ten miles from town, I told my boss that I may be transporting my bicycle to town in my car and just run my errands in town all day on my bike. You think that would work? Or maybe I just need to leave an hour early and ride my bike to work. Then I could just quit my spinninng class. Hmmm.... it may just come to that for a bunch of us. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember what this Monday actually means. We do so enjoy our freedom that has come as the supreme sacrifice for men and women. May we all pray for those now who are serving our country and pray for their families as well.

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