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Monday, May 5, 2008

I Kinda Blew It

Well, I kinda blew it. As in no exercise and over-eating this weekend. I was in the hill country this weekend and attended a beautiful wedding. The food of course was delicious. And on Friday night, I ate .....uh.....hmmm.......fried shrimp. Yes, it was fried, and the absolute best I have ever eaten. And exercise....well, I had no time. I wanted to climb Enchanted Rock on Sunday morning, but I did not get in from the wedding reception until late. I will have another opportunity to go to Fredricksburg, and when I do, I WILL climb Enchanted Rock. Today though, even though I was tired from the weekend, I was resolved to continue on; thus, I was at FF at 7:15. We worked our upper body. My shoulders were getting a workout. And we used the Swiss ball to work our chest. Definitely today we had a good workout. So, even if you are like me and you blow it, get back on track and don't give up.


vlad said...

You done good. You took two days off. You need a break now and then. I sometimes take a week off from training with weights and return refreshed and as strong as ever.

Dee said...

Well, I might have needed a few days off. I even went to bed last night at 9:30 and slept for more than 7 hours which is good for me.