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Friday, May 30, 2008

FFF (Friday's Fitness Fusion)

Today at FFF we had an overall workout. We did not work one area too much, instead just kinda doing an overall body workout. So none of our muscles were overworked; however, it was a good cardio session. We warmed up on the treadmill, then we went in the X room (exercise room), and then back on the treadmill, and then back to do work some abs on the mat. I really challenged myself on the treadmill by going all the way up to a 9 % incline. Now, before it sounds like I am showing off, believe me, that is not the case. I only did it for a few minutes and my speed was 3.5 mph. But we had a good workout, and it is always fun to mix things up. I am about to go for a "fat tire" ride here locally. The course is about 17 miles, and it will be a slower pace since we are riding with the fat tire bikes. My bike is a fat tire bike and that is the only one I have at the moment. Like me, I have some friends who have never done this ride that are joining me. I hope I can keep up and enjoy this afternoon ride.

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