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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 10-P90X- Yoga

Okay, are you surprized? I said that I was not going to do the yoga because it took so long. But I thought that the next day was Kenpo, but I was wrong. So, I decided before I went to bed last night to do the yoga.... if I got up in time. I set the alarm for 5:00 a.m. I actually got a really good night's sleep. The alarm was blaring and blaring waking me up. So of course... I hit snooze... and then I turned it off. I layed there thinking... I think I will skip today... I am tired... I don't have time to get it in today.... blah...blah..blah.. So I jumped up, went to the bathroom, got my clothes changed, popped in the DVD, had two fans turned on, and got busy. What is it about P90X that makes me nauseated when I am doing it? Yes, even the yoga will get me feeling sick. And there is something to this stretching just like when you get a massage... my mouth became very dry and my nose was stopped up. It must get those toxins moving or something just like a massage. I did not gulp my water, but I did sip it. I tried almost every exercise until they did that crane... how does anyone do that? I am wondering if I will ever be able to accomplish that. I did make myself try to stretch just a little further each time. I was kinda bored with this.. it just goes on for soooooooooooooo lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. So slow, so repetitive, so boring, so much time. But I kept on. I got finished a little after 7:00 a.m. I was not really sweaty so I did not take a shower afterward. I had taken one last night. Oh I forgot to mention though, I did have to wet my head when I was feeling nauseated and having a hot flash. I got my lunch packed for work and headed out the door. I put my makeup on when I got to work. I like to get to work early (7:30) before getting started at 8:00. So tomorrow I am thinking it is legs and back. I have a hair appointment tomorrow so I have to get this in early in the morning. Okay, I am still doing pretty weak with the food... not bad.. just not so great. Here is what I had:

Breakfast- Protein shake- protein powder, skim milk, and banana
A 2 oz piece of chicken on a 1/3 sub bread bun

Snack- 2 T of peanuts

Lunch- Mixed vegetables (carrots, cauliflour, broccoli) and wild rice
A gluten-free Cliff Protein bar

Dinner- Ate with my unome friends- WW taco soup, green salad with FF catlina dressing, 2 T guacamole, 6 chips, taquito, 1 T cheese, 2 oz FF angel food cake with strawberries and FF cool whip; diet green tea

Snack- 25 Cocoa almonds with 1 c skim milk that I am reading this it does not sound so bad.

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Jen said...

WAY TO GO with the Yoga! I'm being inspired by my teammates who are not only doing the yoga..but doing the ENTIRE hour and 32 minutes of yoga! Wow...maybe I will try it again. I had pretty much decided I wouldn't ever do it again because I just can't be that still for that long...but geeee...if you all are doing it....I should at least TRY!
As for the crane, I can do it-BUT-it's only because my daughter (who is in gymnastics and does it there) taught me a little trick.
Try this:
Get on your hands and knees. Put your head down between your hands on the floor. Lean forward just a little. One leg at a time-slowly-lift your leg and put your knee on your elbow. It may take a few tries, but you may surprise yourself by being able to do it. The trick is to put your head on the floor first and get your balance before you try to lift your legs. Once you're in that position, you can attempt to lift your head off the ground some. I can lift my head off the ground but only for a few seconds. When you lift your head---you are holding up your entire body weight with just your arms--and I'm just not THAT strong yet...but I'm getting there. I can't remember--on the yoga video--do they lift their heads?