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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 16- P90X- Plyometrics

Yea!!! Once again I got up at 5:15 a.m. and I got my workout started about 5:30. Plyometrics.....what can I say??? It is tough!! Like Tony says it is the mother of P90X. That could be why some of he stuff I definitely have to modify. I do not do those jumps where you bend your knees and jump high. I do a single leg lift..right..left..right. Jumping like that hurts me. And then I modified the jump where you turned 1/2 way around. I had to put a foot down as I was doing that. I try to do more low impact rather than high impact. Nevertheless...... I was still sweating, had a red face, and totally out of breath. I think I did most everything else. I know I am improving. I continue to work out hard. I go to the finish. I know before the 90 days is up, I am going to be so improved. Today was so busy for me... and you know what that means.... don't do well with the eating. Actually I would say that there has never been one day I have really followed the plan. Hmmm....could that be why I am not seeing weight loss? Here is how it looked today:

Breakfast- scrambled one egg with three egg whites, protein shake with scoop of protein powder, frozen banana, and skim milk.... still was not enough to eat.. I was still hungry.. so I added about 2 oz. of turkey

Lunch- Popeyes- chicken wrap with rice, and then a side order of dirty rice.. and a Dr. Pepper

Dinner- mozarella cheese stick, crackers

Not alot of calories, but definitely not very nuitritious. But all of it hit the spot as far as I am concerned.

Okay, tomorrow is another busy day for me. Getting ready for my dh's 60th birthday. OMG.... that is just sounding too wierd. To think I am married to a 60 year old!!! Hey kids... you'll be there quicker than you think. He is still handsome though. I will post photos later.

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Jen said...

Oh Dee...I was going to reprimand you for your diet...but now all I can think of is that last paragraph about how your going to be married to a SIXTY year old!! and how it'll be here before I realize it.
But the best part? You still think he is handsome!
WOOHOO!! That is the kind of LOVE that I have in my marriage too and it is people like you (and testimonies like that) that make me SO EXCITED for the future!
Happy Birthday to your husband! He is a lucky man! You are a blessing of a woman!
Ps. Lay off the Dr. Pepper and fast food okay? ;o)