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Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 11- P90X- Legs and Back

Well, I again stayed up too late. I got an early morning call from my sister- 6:00 a.m. Yes, I normally would be up at this time. But if I had been doing my P90X, I might not have answered the phone. So, after our conversation, I dozed for a little while. My husband got up and got ready for work. I debated putting off my exercise until later. Hmm.... what did I post on my previous post? If I put it off, I most likely will not do it. So, I did not even wait for him to leave. I got busy. I think I pretty much did the entire workout. I still do not have the workout sheets yet so I have not been writing it down how many reps and how much weight. I must get those soon. I have some trouble with balancing when we are on one leg. I decided that I would kinda "cheat". I figured it would be better to do the exercise, and if I have to touch something every now and then to keep from falling, then so be it... I would still be doing the squat on one leg or whatever. I also have trouble when we do anything where we work calves because of my left foot problem. I do try the calf raises, but maybe not as high on the left leg as I should. But I did not do the lunges on my toes wher we have to keep on our toes the entire time. I just did the regular lunges. I really do like Tony. He keeps you going. I listen to him. When he tells me to watch my form or ask me how many.. I just pretend he is there with me, and he is talking to me. I am seeing that circumstances will keep me from following the program verbatim, but that does not mean that I will vary away from the plan too much. I may just have more rest days thrown in. I will not beat myself up about that. I will do like Tony says, " Do you best and forget the rest."

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Jen said...

You've got the right attitude!