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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well, it is almost Sunday. I keep telling myself... go to bed... you gotta get up to do P90X. I really am enjoying the workout when I do it. But I continue to have that problem of discipline. A friend of mine told me today that I am the most disciplined person she knows. I hope it was not a rude thing for me to say when I said, " Well you don't know very many disciplined people." I really should have said thank you. And you know when someone gives you a compliment... it just makes you want to do better. Today began with me picking up around the house. I say picking up because I really need to clean my house. I did get the kitchen and dining room mopped yesterday along with vacuuming my family room rug and dining room rug. I have NO carpet in my house. I really think it has been so much better for allergies- no trapped dust at all. But now... you can actually see any dirt that is in this house. I headed over to my mother's house to load up the box springs that are going to my son's house. He and his gf took the king mattress in the back of his truck.. yes. he was laying on it holding it in the bed of the truck while she drove. But I was afraid the two twin box springs might fly out of the truck. So I said let me bring those to you in my suburban. The headboard was heavy to load, but I got it in along with the box springs and all the bedding. Have I mentioned it more than once that my mother is going to a retirement community? She will be in a two bedroom apartment; therefore, we are calling on family members to get furniture, paintings, appliances, dishes, etc. Her new place is going to be great. She presently lives in a patio home on a beautiful golf course. She and my father both played golf when they moved there 22 years ago. He has been gone for 14 years, and she no longer plays golf. Some recent health issues have lead her to the decision to move. We had no idea though that after listing her home two weeks ago that it would sell so soon!!!! She is moving August 31, and we must have the house cleaned out before October 1. So... like I said... P90X... well... who knows what P it will be.

But back to my day. I got the bedding unloaded and had to do some shopping... getting ready to celebrate dh's 60th birthday. Whoa... that is sounding so old. But if you look back through my blog of the photos of him, you will also see that he does not look 60. It is a great thing not to get gray hair. His mother was the same way. She was over 90,and she still had brown in her hair. Okay, side-tracked again.... I got home and got on the computer and did 3 hours of continuing education so I can get my license renewed. I still have 3 hours to go... actually, I may have more because every three years I have to do a jurisprudence in addition to the 12 hours I need annually. And I also need to get busy to have my CPR renewed. Well, after getting those CEU's, I put on grungy clothes and shoes and began working in the yard. I pulled weeds out of another flowerbed as well as around the sidewalk and the patio. Then I went out to this pile in our yard that previously had been a burning pile. Well, we have not burned in quite sometime. DH takes the trash to his work. I got a shovel, an axe, and a rake. I had to bust the ground up with the axe, rake up the old soil with weeds and old ashes, and shoveled it all into a wheel barrel. I made two heavy loads. I was sweating and grunting and getting hot. But the work felt good. I looked at my arms and I think I could tell that my arms looked more toned. I felt good with this workout. Not tired like I would have been. I think this P90X is working. My eating is still not what it should be. But I am still not eating fastfood, fried food, cookies, cakes, or ice cream or anthing like that. The worst I do is the Dr. Pepper and wine. And tonight, I did have one beer. It just seems like nothing will quench your thirst like a beer poured into a frozen mug. Well, I don't know what time I will get my workout in tomorrow, but I sure hope to do it. HOWEVER.... I still have more yardwork to do!!!

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