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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Woodlands Resort

Eating Dessert at the Cheesecake Factory- none for me though, I had a Jambo Juice.. or whatever it was called- a blueberry, strawberry, sugar-free, 180 calorie smoothie.

Walking along Market Street.... lots of shopping

A late evening swim with Caddyshack playing on the big screen right there at the pool.

Can you say... relax... just chilling by the pool reading a book.

Okay... as you can see... no title called Day ?- P90X. That's right, I not only took 2 days rest, but it turned into 3 days rest. And right now it is almost midnight, and I cannot sleep. My friends and I had a great time. We crammed in lots of things in the time we had together. We got to the Woodlands about 7:30 Thursday night and got checked in. We went on down to Market Street and ate at a Baja Cafe. I decided to get out of the box and try some foods that I don't find the sound of to be apetizing. Fish tacos? I don't know... that has just never sounded good to me. Well, I did not have the fish taco because it was fried, so I opted for the shrimp taco. I had some chips with salsa and the boiled shrimp in a flour tortilla. Oh... and I also had a chicken tamale.. tasted great, but not exactly P90X approved. We ventured down Market Street and mainly just window shopped.

Friday morning we had breakfast in the room- I had peanut butter with banana, some grapes and fresh pineapple, and decaf coffee. No muffin or scone for me. Too many fruits according to P90X, but too bad. We made it shopping to Steinmart, Sam Moon, and Charmin' Charlies. And I purchased a pair of denum capris that were ....ta da.... a size smaller. Now they weren't loose, but nevertheless, I could get them zipped and they did not look bad, and they are going to be my "incentive" clothes. Yes, I will keep these as the pants that I soon hope to be baggy. But it will not happen if I eat like I did at lunch on Friday. We went to Bucco de Peppos and we had chicken fettucine, lasagne, and salad. No bread for me. And I might add that we shared these so there was not alot of food. However, there was fettucine left over to take back to the room. That evening I had my first taste of sushi. I had told my unome friends when we were in Midland that I had no desire to eat this, but I thought that I needed to venture out of my comfort zone. Not bad, but certainly not something I loved. That evening we did make it to the pool and watched the outdoor movie. When we got back we had spa night. Facials, massage chair, foot bath.

Saturday morning was a 1.25 hour kayak adventure. We worked our way down the Woodlands Waterway to the Lake Woodlands where we saw the million dollar homes. It was a gorgeous breezy day. I have a kayak, but most of my friends experienced kayaking for the first time. They had all canoed before, but not kayaked. We got back to the room and then made it back out to the pool. There were two big tube slides. Of course we all had to do this, some more than once. I just enjoyed sitting in the shade and reading and relaxing. We snacked for lunch that day so we went out for dinner. We went to Landry's Seafood. We decided to share. We had two apetizers- crab and spinach fondue, and shrimp and crab fondue, a great salad with honey mustard vinegarette, and then a grilled/broiled seafood platter with shrimp and fish. It was not quite enough for me so I did eat some of the bread. I knew they all wanted cheesecake, and I did not want the temptation so while we walked around before dessert, I had the smoothie. They all had the cheesecake which looked delicious.

Sunday morning three of us hit the trail and walked for a little over an hour. We all splurged and went to the dining room for the breakfast buffet. I had an egg-white omelet, some bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, and some small ricotta-filled crepe (forgot what it is called) with strawberry sauce. No bread,muffin, waffle, or French toast for me. But... I have failed to mention that over the weekend I did have wine, and I did have some Dr. Pepper. I can't say that I went totally crazy with my eating, but I also can't say I did good. I will just say that in all my food intake, and the fact that I was on vacation, I was moderate.

If you get the chance to go to the Woodlands Resort, it is really geared to families. They had an internet room, ping pong (which I played and won... I have not played in probably 20 years), and shuffle board. The grounds are beautiful. Just a beautiful place. One of my friends that I was with has a son who works for the Woodlands Resort, so we got our room at a very, very low fare.

I have had quite a busy summer. I need to post the photos from Sam Rayburn Park, Brenham, Midland, and Galveston. I hope to do that soon. My summer is coming to a close, and my time will be spent on getting my mother moved to the independent senior living facility. I hope that I can go to bed in the morning because tomorrow is Day 8 of P90X.


Erin said...

Sounds like you girls had a blast!!!! I'm so glad you took time for yourself and did this!!! I'll see you in about 4 weeks!!! Can't wait!

Erin said...

I must remember to log off as Erin!!! This is the umpteenth time I've done's not EEH, but LAH!!!

Jen said...

Dee, I LOVED the pictures! I think you did very good on your eating considering all the temptations around you. I LOVE it that you and your girlfriends take time to do stuff like this---EXACTLY what I want my life to be like in 20 years! You are awesome!
Try as I may---I could NOT tell what book you were reading in that "relaxing by the pool" pic! ha ha ha (boy am I nosy or what?!!)

shannonmichaelis said...

love it! hope i'm still hanging with my buddies in 20 years!