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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 19-P90X- Legs and Back

Yea!!! I got up early (5:15) this morning. I was doing my leg and back routine at 5:30. I am doing most of the exercises.. only a few I still struggle with. I planned to do the ab ripper X when I got home, but I had friends over for a spur of the moment dinner. I still need to get busy with the Ab ripper. I have two more days and then I start the recovery week. I did a preview of Core synergistics, and it looks really tough. I am also thinking that I might forego Tony's yoga, and do one of my yoga DVD's. The P90X yoga is just too long. I still want to blog about the birthday this weekend, but not tonight. I am on my way to a hot bath and going to bed.

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Jen said...

Core is one of my absolute favorites--if not my #1. I love it! It's tough, yes...but it's fun.
Have you weighed lately?