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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 18- P90X- Yoga

I will talk about today before I post about the weekend. Or I guess you will be reading about the weekend first since this post will appear below the Weekend post. Okay.. this is Day 18, almost 3 weeks into this program even though I have been at it almost 4 weeks. I knew when I began that I was not going to finish in 90 days. I just hoped that I would FINISH!!! And yes.. I certainly plan to. Today began with the sluggishness that overcame me when I awoke due to ... you guessed it... lack of sleep. Last night, I don't know if it was all the excitement of the weekend, the fact that I kept dozing in the afternoon, or the pressing thoughts that crowded my mind. You see... last night I was thinking about a certain young man.. he is 22, one year older than my youngest son. Since I began having children, I have worked two days per week as a dental hygienist. My youngest has had a few child caretakers, but the last one was the one my older two had. One of the children there was this certain young man. He came to my son's birthday parties and played baseball with ds. Last August this young man decided with two of his buddies that it would be really cool to rob this person closing down a local restaurant. Long story short.. the other two robbed the woman.. shot her in the foot.. her boyfriend was with her and he had a gun.. more gunfire, and the boyfriend was dead. A robbery is now a murder. And this young man is now going to prison... sentenced for 35 years and not eligible for parole for half of that time. Oh I am not excusing him. I wanted to.. but as my co-workers admonished me.. you don't go in a robbery with a loaded gun unless you are planning on shooting someone if need be. So last night.. I just kept thinking about him and so I prayed for him, his family- mother, father, sister, aunt, grandmother.. I knew all of them. And then I just had to get up and write a note to the mom. So I know I am chasing rabbits, but I probably went to sleep around 2:00 a.m. I woke up at 6:30, and I really intended to skip the yoga and do the legs and back routine. But by the time I was dressed and ready at 7:00, I knew I would not have enough time to meet my mother at her house to take her to the doctor. I had even told her to go alone. Yes, she can drive and go alone, but my mother's problem is her hearing. She absolutely cannot hear what the doctor has to say to her, and then she is still not clear what the doctor means. So.. I skipped my workout, got to her house, went to the doctor, went by her new living facility, went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and then back to her house where I stayed ALL DAY LONG packing up boxes. I got home at 5:15. I needed to get the back part of the house cool so that I could do the workout. But boy was I hungry. I went ahead and ate my dinner (leftovers), fixed dh a big salad, washed and folded clothes, and decided somewhere along the way to do the yoga instead. The yoga is not exhausting.. it is hard.. I cannot do all the poses.. I fall sometimes.. but, I am seeing improvement. I really think that I am stretching myself further. Forget the crane.. I don't think I will ever be able to lift myself off the ground like that . I did fast forward a couple of repetitive poses, but all in all, I did the routine. Yes.. an hour and a half. I do not like doing yoga for that long. But one thing I did learn is that I do like to do it in the evening. I was not feeling as anxious to finish as I was the day I did it before work. I did not start it until close to 7:30. I finished it, and went and had a snack, soaked in a hot tub, and now here I am typing this post. So now tomorrow the plan is to do the legs and back. I am also seriously considering ordering the chinup bar. Okay, it is after 10:00, so my weekend post will have to wait..... stay tuned.

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