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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 7-P90X-Chest and Back

I am going out of order with my workout today, but I have a very good reason. I am going on a trip to the Woodlands Resort with 5 friends. I have never been there before so I am excited. I only decided to go this morning because I have had lots to do. I was going to work on a T-shirt quilt for my youngest son, but I ran out of the stabalizer, and there was not a place in town that carried it. I had to order it off the internet. This will be the first of 3 T-shirt quilts because my daughter and oldest son will get one too. I know how to piece and quilt, but this is my first attempt at this. The blocks are odd-sized and I am having to design it; therefore, even the plannning stage has taken some time.

Okay, back to my workout. Today is supposed to be my rest/stretch day. Well, since I will be out of town, I do not know how I will be feeling or if I will have time, or I can hook up my DVD player... well you know... all those "ifs". So... I figured... go ahead and skip your rest day. You will have Friday and Saturday to either do a rest day and a workout or two rest days. I don't want to get too anal with this, but after all it is a 90 day workout. Today was probably the first day that I truly enjoyed the workout. One reason was I was able to perform so much better. I did the pushups from the feet 8 times, and then dropped to the knees for 7. That is except for the decline pushups. I tried it the first round and did about 3. So the second round I did regular pushups (8/7). I increased the weight when using dumbbells to 10 lbs instead of 8. I think I could have gone to 12 or 15, but I am being careful. I had no problem at all with the bands. I was not exhausted when I finished my workout. After finishing which was about 15 minutes ago, I had protein powder with milk in the blender (no fruit and no ice). I drank it fast. I thought I would take my DVD player and also the plyometrics DVD since all I have to have is a mat which I won't take. I am not promising anything.. I may do it, and I may not. I still need to do the Ab ripper X, but my groin is still sore from the stretching.

So my food intake today has been small, but I have had lots of water.

Breakfast- Banana and real peanut butter

Snack- protein scoop with milk

Lunch- I plan to have a mixed green salad with deli turkey

Snack- probably a protein bar

Dinner- I am not sure if we are eating when we get there or if I am to eat before leaving at 5:00. But either way it will be lean meat, vegetables and maybe a carb.

Everyone keep leaving me comments. I am not having trouble getting in there to do my workout like I thought I might have. And seeing that I am becoming stronger and able to do this easier is such an acomplishment. I recommend if you are not doing anything, do something.... walk, ride a bike, swim, use some bands or light weights, do some squats and lunges, yoga or pilates. You will never be any better than you are today if you don't make some changes. Just start small and work your way up to doing more. That is what I have been doing for 6 years. It is not too late. You are not behind. Only compare yourself to yourself... see how good you can be!!!!!

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Jen said...

Oh Dee Dee are "the bomb" (as my kids would say). You are totally ROCKING this workout program! I am SO PROUD of you! Look at you SKIPPING your rest day and going on with your workouts (and taking the rest later when you'll need it more because of scheduling). YAY! You have conquered the most difficult part of this program--beating the brain!
EXCELLENT job on the push ups today!---and for upping your weight! Keep on keepin' on!!