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Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, did you notice that I did not do my P90X yesterday. It always happens this way. If I do not do my workout early in the morning, most likely it is not going to get done. I had a hair appointment yesterday, and my mother wants to go with me. She wanted a pedicure. It takes me 30 minutes to get from my house to my hairdresser's shop. I live in a community outside of town, and she does too. And then my mother lives on the opposite end of town. So, to get to my mother's house, pick her up, and get to the Beauty Shop, it was going to take me close to an hour. I overslept and just did not feel like doing it. It turned out to be okay though because I got out in the yard after 6:00 and worked for two hours cleaning out very neglected flower beds. If I had done my P90X workout, I might not have done that. But you know what I am realizing... and I hope this will encourage others.... even when you don't feel like it or want to to do it... just make yourself get started. Once I was outside, yanking and pulling, and sweating and get nasty, but I saw how good the beds were looking and I felt that sense of accomplishment, I was thrilled to have it done. And to top it off.. making it even harder.. I had cooked supper and partially cleaned the dishes, and my husband was lying on the sofa watching TV.

Okay... so about my eating yesterday... I just need to cut those carbs out altogether... but here is what I had:

Breakfast- egg whites scrambled with bell pepper, onions and mozarella cheese

No Snack

Lunch- Ate at Cotton Patch with my youngest son and mother- meatloaf, corn casserole, and yes.... a piece of bread - yes, I can count that was 2 carbs.

Snack- I only ate half of my meatloaf and corn casserole, so I ate the other half around 3:30

Dinner- Venison taco meat, green salad, squash cooked with Rotel tomatoes and a little cheddar cheese.

Snack- Granola mix from Sams, and fruity yogurt- another carb and too much sugar in the yogurt

So it is like always, I do pretty good with my exercise, but I definitely need to be more disciplined with the diet. I will keep trying. Okay, I am going to write about today in another post.

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Jen said...

Sometimes it is better in the long run to do an active project around the house. I've done posts titled "HouseworkX" and "YardworkX" before because even though I didn't do an actual P90X DVD..I guarantee you I got a good work out--AND--I got something important done around the house. There is no shame in that at all!