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Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 4-P90X- Ab ripper X

Whoa!!!!I finally did the ab ripper X. I could do some of it, and then some of it I tried very hard and could only do a couple. I would have to stop and rest before I reached the 25. Sometimes I had to stop more than once. I would go down for maybe two counts and then pick right back up. I really think that overtime I will be able to do all 350 or 390... how ever many there are. I am glad that I had not eaten anything or had nothing to drink. Otherwise, I know I would have been throwing up. I don't know if it was ab ripper or what, but tonight I have not hardly been hungry. I made a big salad with all sorts of great things- mixed greens, spinach, strawberries, carrots, celery, avocado, feta cheese. I used some honey mustard spray dressing and a little LF ranch. I could not eat hardly any of it. I had a small container of activia and a small handful of nuts. But I am so full. I am not eating as many calories as P90X wants me to eat, but it is just hard to get alot of calories unless you eat lots of fat too. Well, I guess I had two servings of carbs because this morning I had the bread and tonight I had the yogurt. I am thinking that I really need to order those recovery drinks. I was feeling good this morning, but after that ab workout, I am feeling kinda nauseated. I am also feeling tired and sleepy. I hope to go to bed early tonight so that I can "bring it" with the leg workout tomorrow!!


Casey said...

Daily with Dee has become Daily with Dee again. Good job on blogging and good job on your workout!

Dee said...

Hey, how do I display people that follow my blog? You want to be a follower?

Jen said...

Hey Dee! I want to be a follower! You just go up to the top right corner of your blog where it says "Customize" and click. Then click on "Add a Gadget". Then you'll see the box for "Followers" and you just go from there. Then everyone that comes to your blog who wants to "Follow" can just add themselves!
Great job on the Ab Ripper. I's really hard at first. Ab ripper is one of the videos where I have seen the greates improvements. Like you..I couldn't come close to doing it all when I first tried. Especially the bicycles and THEN the reverse bicycles and tHEN the crunchy frog. My hips hurt as bad as my abs. But over time, I pressed on and now I can do the whole thing--almost effortlesly.
The recovery drink is very good for helping your body and muscles "recover." I don't drink it very often because I don't want to add any extra calories...but my hubby (and lots of fellow P90X'ers) swear by it. It's certainly worth a try if you're feeling zonked out already. It has all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to replenish itself after an intense work out like P90X. If you decide to order, be sure to go through my coach page so I can get credit! :o)
FYI: It tastes like orange sherbert.