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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 20- P90X- Kenpo X

I am so tired right this minute, but I did want to get this post done. I got up early this morning.. at 5:00 a.m. I went ahead and did two days of Bible study, and then I got busy with my Kenpo X. I really do like doing this. Am I cheating if I skip the break.. only the break is not really a break.. it is jumping rope, running in place, and doing those jumping jacks on the ground and jumping in the air doing jumping jacks. Yes, I fast forward through that. But I really like the blocking, the punching, and the kicking. It is over before you know it, and you are doing the cool down. I am still not doing too well with being consistent with the Ab Ripper X. And in case you haven't noticed, I have not been posting my meals. I am not doing well.. why? because you must plan better with your meals, and right now I don't know if I am coming or going. I have spent the days I am off packing and getting my mother ready to move. Today I got her clothes ( a massive amount) moved along with boxes of dishes. I packed up more boxes. I may move them tomorrow. I just don't want them to be in the way when the movers move the furniture on Monday. I may just move her paintings and lamps tomorrow. The plumbers and the air-conditioning man is coming to do the amendment work for the buyer. I still have to call and get her cable changed to the new address. Details.. I said... I am sooooooooooo tired. But I am still working to get my P90X in. And soon I will be more focused with my eating. I think I will go and take a couple of Advil. GOOD NIGHT!!!!

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Blasé said...

I just stopped by to say- "Get up and MOVE"!