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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 3- P90X- Shoulders and Arms

Today my workout was good. Let me say first though I was rested. I went to bed at 11:30 and did not get out of bed until 8:10. I woke up off and on, and had to get up to go to the bathroom, but I would just lay down and drift back to sleep. No benadryl, no Tylenol P.M., no sleeping pills... just lavender lotion on my temples. I did my workout about 1:30. I had not had lunch, just a protein bar. This workout was exclusively shoulders and biceps and triceps. I used 8 lb. dumbbells on everything except the shoulder flyes. I had to drop down to 5 lb. on those. I really even think that I could have made it on the other exercises with 10 lb. The only part I just could not do was the tricep one arm side pushup. I maybe did two of those. And I had to bend my knees when I did the tricep dips with the chair. But overall, I think I did well. I even did the longer version of the workout. I must say though, I am needing to reread the manual. I did not do the ab ripper on the first day nor have I done it today. I just noticed I am supposed to be doing that every other day. I still have time to do it before I go to bed. I may do it today, or I may just wait until Tuesday. I am really liking Tony instructing me. I like seeing the other members of the class and the modifications they are making. I thought at first that Tony was going to try to act too funny and be corny, but so far he is somewhat professional, but very natural. I know I am not pushing myself to total exhaustion, but I know me... and that means this has to be a workout I can live with. I mean.. I am 55 years old... I think that if I was younger I would really rock with this workout. I am gonna keep plugging away and maybe as time goes on I will work harder. One of my main problems is those darn HOT FLASHES. A younger person or a male just does not have any idea how this is when you are sitting watching a movie, and how absolutely uncomfortable it is to be doing a workout and have these. You are on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast- 5 egg whites with 5 olives and green onions scrambled
decaf coffee
3/4 c 2% milk with 5 strawberries

Snack- protein bar

Lunch- Green salad (romaine lettuce from Sam's) with green onion, small amt cheddar cheese(maybe a T), and 1/2 c taco meat ( venison), LF ranch dressing mixed with picante sauce (hereafter to be called LF southwest dressing)

Dinner- 2 corn tortillas, 3 oz grilled chicken, 1 T cheddar cheese, 4 asparagus spears (fresh and steamed), cranberry juice (from concentrate with stevia)

Snack- dh made a smoothie from strawberries, milk, blueberries, banana, and ice. I have not had mine yet.


Jen said...

Oh Dee Oh Dee!
I am growing to love you with each post you do!!!
My mom turned 59 on yesterday and I see SO MUCH of her in you! (which is probably why I am drawn to telling you my life-story every time I write! hee hee)
Using 8lbs excellent..but certainly grab yourself some 10's for when you feel strong and ready to take it to the next level. You'll be surprised at what your body can do that you didn't know! Also, DEFINITELY don't leave out Ab Ripper. I know it's hard to do MORE after you've already done an hour work out...but Ab Ripper is what is going to transform your mid-section. My hubby leaves out Ab Ripper a lot and that is his least successful area. Anyway, keep up the great work! I can't wait to show my mom your blog! If you can convince her to do p90X...I am going to send you a prize!!

Jen said...

oops...I said "on yesterday" I was going to say on Aug. 2nd and changed it to "yesterday". Guess I should have proof-read before I hit publish !!oops! :o)

Also PSS. There is NOTHING wrong with saving Ab Ripper for later in the long as you don't forget or neglect to do it! I do it before bed a lot--instead of right after my other work out. Sometimes it even seems like I do it harder/better if I've given myself a few hours in between to recuperate.