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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 6-P90X- Kenpo X

I actually did make it a little earlier today in my workout. I think I started around 7:00. But next week, I am going to have to make it earlier if I expect to do it before work. So today was the Kenpo, or what you would say is punching and kicking. The punching is a front punch, a cross punch, an upper cut, and a hook shot. Then the kicks are front, back, and side. Also there is blocks which you do while you are in a squat position. And then when you are on a "break".. I say that with quotations because the break is a break from the punching and kicking, but you are doing jumping jacks, coming off the ground in an "X", and pretending you are jumping rope. I did some of the jumping jacks, but the X and the jump rope I adapted to low impact. I have to say that I think I did better at this than any other workout. I credit being able to do that horse stance (squat) position for so long because of my synergy fitness fusion class and the core workouts I did. I never thought of myself as being uncoordinated, but Tony has almost proved me wrong. I had to really concentrate when we put the front punch, hook, and uppercuts together. I do get so hot, and I guess my heart rate really gets up there so once in awhile I have to push pause and go put water on my head and my face so I am not on fire. But I did enjoy this workout and was able to keep up. I felt so good that I said to myself I could go ahead and do the Ab Ripper, but when I tried... my legs were so weak from yesterday. I could not lift them up. It was mainly in the hip area. So instead of tearing more muscle, I opted to let my body rebuild today and maybe tomorrow or Friday I will attempt Ab Ripper again. I know I can do this. And I love it when I can get in there and get my workout done and have the rest of the day free. So here is what I have had to eat today:

Breakfast- immediately after my workout, I drank a shake with vanilla protein powder, milk, and strawberries. Decaf coffee

Snack- Protein bar and I have to admit... a Dr. Pepper (I know..I know.. I know, but it was the first one in about a week.)

Lunch- Ate lunch at Cotton Patch with friends and had chopped steak with mushrooms, (raked off the gravy), mixed vegetables, and green beans and water with lemon to drink

Snack- Stranded at my mother's house- had a fiber one bar

Dinner- Venison sausage sauteed with onions, celery, and cabbage. It was mainly cabbage and sausage. It might not sound good, but it was delicious. Also had some pinto beans that I had added some rotel tomatoes to. And for my dessert.....some pistachios-about 1/2 cup and 4 oz peach yogurt

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Jen said...

Like I keep saying--you are doing GREAT. Your positive attitude is impressive and contagious! Keep it up!
Ps. I think your dinner sounds yummy...but I'm a country girl who likes her cabbage and veggies. My hubby deer we're no stranger to venison either!