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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 9- P90X-Shoulders and Arms

Well I did it. I crawled out of bed and got started about 5:45. And I had such a hard time sleeping last night. I woke up at 2:30 and was awake until 3:30. Then I just kinda dozed off and on until my alarm went off. I had no caffeine today.. so I am hoping that I will sleep better tonight. Okay, tomorrow is supposed to be yoga. But that would mean I would have to start about 5:00. I may do the Kenpo tomorrow. I am having dinner with friends tomorrow night, so tomorrow when I get off work will not work for doing any exercise.

Okay today's workout went pretty well. I would increase the weight on a few exercises, and then have to decrease on some. The only exercise I truly sucked at was those side triceps raises. I just kinda bent my legs up and leaned down on my triceps and maybe moved a few inches. And then when it came to doing it the second time, I skipped it. It was the last exercise, I did poorly on it feeling that I was not accomplishing much, and I was running out of time. I would say my eating was fair. Here is the way it looked:

Breakfast-(7:00) egg whites scrambled with fresh spinach

Snack-(8:00) Protein drink (water not milk) right when I got to work... just needed an extra boost

Snack- (11:30)- 1/2 banana

Lunch-(1:00)- Cafe Del Rio- beef chalupa with lots of lettuce, small amount cheese, hot sauce... oh and chips and hot sauce.... not so good

Snack- (3:30)- other 1/2 of banana

Dinner- (6:00)- Wild rice, chicken from crockpot, small corn on the cob, and mixed vegetables

Snack-( 8:00)- Cocoa covered almonds... just kinda needed a dessert

I am still having too many carbs probably. I am only supposed to be having one serving a day. I had the chips at lunch, and the rice and corn at dinner. I would say I had at least 3 servings.. at least!!! and I should have only had one. So, my weight loss is probably not going to happen if I don't change this. I guess I just love having the carbs... makes me feel better. So tomorrow...hmmmm.... haven't decided what DVD I will do... I just know I gotta bring it!!!

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Jen said...

Let's see...I'm smiling because I love your honesty about your love for the same time, I'm shaking my head in agreement that if you don't limit that love some you are right--you're going to have trouble seeing that weight come off. I'm not judgin' though---chips and salsa are irresistable to me--which is I why I stay FAR AWAY from Mexican restruants when I'm on P90X. It's like committing diet suicide for me to even WALK in there! I have had victory a time or two and resisted even ONE chip...but for the most part...I just keep the temptation out of reach.
Great job on the work out SO early in the morning. I find it very hard to work out immediately after waking up so I give you credit for being able to do it! Keep doing your best! I'm cheering for you!