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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 12-P90X-Kenpo

Today was totally awesome at our church. We had Phil Cross and the Crossings as our guest musicians. I am not very familiar with his career, but he has been around for awhile. He can sing like nobody's business. And tonight was fantastic!! Yes, I was in a Baptist Church, but I wanted to jump up and down. The message this morning was also great. I will have to post about it on another day.

So today after church, going to Sam's, preparing and eating lunch, cleaning up the kitchen, and relaxing for a bit.. I decided to do my workout. It was almost 4:30, and I had to be ready to be at church at 6:00. Actually I could have done it earlier, but I kept putting it off. And why do I do that? I always seem to dread exercise BEFORE I do it. And I think the reason why is because it takes so much time. I know that it is going to be an hour. So anyway, I jumped in there and got started. I really kept up great. The only thing I did not do is during a couple of the breaks when he is doing the jumping rope, jumping jacks, and X-jumps, I fast forward and get right back to the punching and kicking. And the horse stance with the punches is really not a problem for me. Is my core in good shape, or is that easy for everyone? Anyway.. it was a good workout because I definitely got my heart rate up. I was sweating and my face was red. I have to say... Kenpo is my favorite workout. When I finished I rushed in the bathroom and wiped my face, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes, and jumped in the car and was on my way. I don't even know what the workout is for tomorrow. But I do plan to get up early and get my workout done. If tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, then I will skip it because I had one yesterday. And here is how I did with my eating today:

Breakfast- I could not sleep last night so I was up until 3:00 a.m. and did not get up until right before church started. So I had coffee and a protein bar.

Snack- well, it was after 12:00, but we were at Sam's.. had some samples including a 4 oz container of yogurt

Lunch- grilled chicken, mock mash potatoes (cauliflower), was too full to eat steamed broccoli

Snack- lots of pistachios

After workout- my version of recovery drink with frozen banana and skim milk

Dinner- 1/2 c granola dry... and a 1 1/2 c of skim milk that I drank. For some reason I like it better this way.

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