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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

End of the Day

Okay, it is the end of the day for me and I did not make it to do the Ab Ripper X. I am just wondering how I am going to be able to keep this pace when I go back to work. I only work two days a week, but usually I am always tired when I get home from work. The past two days I have tried to get in there and do my workout early early. But yesterday I did not make it until the afternoon and today was 8:30 a.m.. Like I said, this may take me more than 90 days. If it does, I am not going to consider that as a failure. I WILL continue to do this, it just may not be every day. I did pretty good today on my eating. Here is what I had:

Breakfast-5 egg whites with asparagus and about one ounce of venison sausage
decaf coffee

Lunch- 1/2 c pinto beans with WW cheese and green onions

Snack- pistachios ( a bunch); a banana; about an ounce of smoked turkey

Dinner- 1 cup of pinto beans with about 6 saltine crackers

Snack- 4 ou. of Activia

I am wondering if I am tired because of not getting enough carbohydrates. I don't know if I can go a month with having so few. I can tell you another thing. I have slight soreness in my arms and legs, but where I am really sore is my hip joints. I think it is from that yoga. When I was working legs today I could feel that soreness. I really am enjoying the workouts although they are very hard. I just wish that my energy was not all drained for the rest of the day. I don't know... this does not seem right. I am about to get ready for bed.

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Jen said...

Hi Dee!
Okay, this lack of energy you are experiencing is bothering me. I am going to do some checking and see what I can find out. Maybe it is your (lack of) carbs that is wearing you out? I know one thing--NO ONE wants to start an exercise regimen and eating plan that makes them feel WORSE! We will get this figured out and get you to feeling better. Like you mentioned in your last post, you might need to add in something like the Recovery Drink to help your body recover. It will also help to replenish your energy levels. Also, don't forget---you are SHOCKING your body with this work out. If you felt just fine and dandy---I'd also be worried. This is supposed to be tough and meant to PUSH you. Remember the old saying "no pain, no gain".:o)
You're doing great. Like Tony says "Do your best and forget the rest!"