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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 21-P90X- Ab Ripper X

Yes, Day 21 is supposed to be a stretch or rest day. But I do about 2-3 rest days a week, and I am not doing the AbRipper X like I supposed to. I know I should be more on course with this, but surely doing it my way is still good, right? So this morning I knew I had another full day of moving boxes; therefore, I opted to do the Ab Ripper X instead of starting week 4 with the yoga. And like I said... an hour of yoga... please.. someone help me. I am going to try to do yoga tomorrow since tomorrow will be Day 22 and that means the start of my recovery week. So I have a few yoga DVDs that are probably 40-60 minutes long. I am going to do one of those tomorrow. And then I supposed to do the Core Synergistics on Sunday. That looks tough!!! And then I think it is Kenpo X. I must say that today when I was doing the Ab Ripper, I struggled because my quadriceps were so sore.. you know where you have to keep your legs up. I think that kick-boxing really made me sore. And then it is yoga again and kenpo X again. And Sunday for me will also be making sure everything is ready for the movers to come. Monday is moving day. So, I will just have to see how I hold up. And about the diet... Dr. Peppers have been very stimulating for me to get through all this. I think when I settle down a little, I might go back to Spark people. I just seem to do so much better with tracking my calories this way. I do like drinking the protein shakes and the recovery drinks though. My weight kinda went back up. So since June 1... I have only lost 6 lbs. It was 8 lbs. But I have not measured, and I really think I am losing inches. I may not be posting those "after photos" until a couple of P90X semesters. Okay... yoga.. tomorrow!!

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